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Sacred One

I am passionate about Healing Ceremony,
as Ceremony creates Sacred Space to transform in
To manifest peace within…….

A powerful healing journey changes your life forever, one step at a time.
The first step is yours, contact me & we’ll discuss your needs

I offer:
~ End of Life ceremonies for Sacred Animals & Sacred Humans
~ Shamanic Healing
~ Energy Healing
~ Rites of Passage
~ Rituals
~ Life Coaching
~ Teachings
~ Speaking events:
……….Walk the Talk of Healing
……….Journey into Sobriety

If appropriate offerings are available via Skype as well as in person

Death and change 
two things we can count on.
Literal death & change
as well as metaphorical death & change
Ceremony helps with both.

When my dad was diagnosed with prostate & liver cancer, the reality of his death hit me head on. The grief & helplessness was overwhelming, I didn’t know what to do with it, how to not break in two. So I went with what I knew & into doing grieving ceremonies. He wasn’t dead yet, but I was futurizing & feeling the loss, terrified of how bad it would feel when he did die. So when the waves of grief hit, I did ceremony.
Months later when dad died, what shocked me was that my anticipated unbearable pain of his loss was not present. Was I just a heartless person? No, I had done most of my grieving through ceremony in advance of his death. My grief was about me, my loss, not about the moment of his death…… my pain was about my unresolved attachments to him. In healing those pieces through ceremony, I was free to love him here or in spirit for being my dad, in neutrality.
We do not all have the luxury of knowing in advance that death is near. What is true, however, is that ceremony heals no matter if it’s before or after death. When you do end of life ceremonies, be they solitary or in community, you create a space to celebrate & transform.
We cry, we laugh, we heal.

Michele Fire-River Heart, head shot, healing through ceremony

Michele Fire-River Heart, csc, Celebrant

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