I started this blog working with The Twenty Mayan Daykeepers exclusively, then went on to introduce Hyemeyohsts Storm’s Earth Count, which also has twenty Numbers. Then we looked at how these two interconnected. Now we start a new cycle of The Twenty Great Teachers of Life. My intent is that you find it useful and entertaining. That it may be of use to you on your healing journey and should you need assistance you have a resource in me.

In shamanism we work with medicine wheels of knowledge, which all interconnect. Laying the wheels one on top of the other, look at what’s in a direction, you will see they interconnect. That gives us more knowledge about both. For example music is emotionally evocative. Both music and emotion sit in the south of their respective medicine wheels. I use this, michele fire-river heart, blog knowledge by paying attention to what I play and when, for greater balance in my emotional life.

Below is some background info on the three twenty day cycles, or skip it and go right to today’s post.

As with all things find your own truth. What is useful to you, use. What is not discard.

The Mayan Daykeepers are spiritual beings with an archetypal energy within cycles of the Tzol’Kin or Mayan astrology. There are 20 Daykeepers each one presenting different energies & assigned to be present on certain days of the year. Rotating in a twenty day cycle.

I have found that having an awareness of which Daykeeper is present on any particular day, informs me about the active energy present that day. In this way I have more ease, fluidity & healing in my journey.

I offer a snipit of the knowledge presented in the book Mayan Calendar Voice of the Galaxy by Raymond Mardyks and Stacia Alana-Leah. They present comprehensive information on the way the calendar works, the energetics of the Daykeepers, iconography, symbology, meditations & tables. It is for sale through many avenues, just Google it.

Hyemeyohsts Storm’s EARTH COUNT 
This is the background for the Earth Count’s 20 Numbers from his book Lightningbolt. It is for sale through many avenues, just Google it.

The Zero
The Medicine Wheel is the shape of the Zero. TheZero is the symbol and fact of creation. TheZero Chiefs say that the Zero is not nothing, but is instead Everything.
~ All of Creation’s Children were designed and born from the Sacred Zero, and exist as part of the Zero. All of creation’s children exist as Numbers within the Medicine Wheel. This is the Children’s Count or Earth Count.
~ In the beginning was WahKahn. She is the Creatures Mother and the Great Zero, the Womb that births all existence.
~ Within instantaneous being was born SsKwan. He is the Creator Father, and is the Dividing of the Zero.
~ Creation, the Zero, is perfectly balanced. The Zero is Female and Male and has designed and birthed all of Life.

We learn by experience in life, anyone that has watched a child can see this happening. As adults with the basic skills for living, we may forget that we still learn this way. The Twenty Great Teachers of Life offer us the opportunity to continue our learning/healing to become more, and more authentic, and have more resources at our disposal. The more we learn/heal the less ‘at the effect’ of others and life we are. With this authenticity, comes freedom. The freedom to just be who we are, no filters, no masks.


I look forward to hearing from you.....

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