It’s a Chik’chan Day (Mayan Daykeeper)

The essence of Chik’chan is primal nature in all it’s naturalness. Simple instinct & knowing, when being in alignment with our true nature.

I  don’t know about you, but when I’m in nature I tend to be far more aware of all the sounds, sights & smells. I immediately become more in tune with my primal instincts, & in order to thrive in nature I need to be more in alignment with nature. When I used to be afraid of bees for example, goodness what a fuss. It wasn’t until I saw my little child mimic me that I started working on that fear, so as to not imprint it on her. Now bees, mayan daykeeper chik'chan, primal instinct, intuition, medicine, dolphin animal totem, HypnoArt, Pikabay,, michele fire-river heartwasps, etc can land on me & everything is okay, they land, sniff me I imagine and move on. Hmmm I wonder if I’m still allergic to bee stings or if I was allergic because of my fear, not that I want to test that theory universe, thank you very much.

We can cross train this behaviour into our everyday lives, accentuating our ability to respond in any environment. So let your animal nature out folks, stalk out a wonderful Sunday for yourselves.

If you have been following my blog the information below is a repeat. Previous Chik’chan days this year Jan 8th, 28th, Feb 17th, March 9th, 29th, April 18th, May 8th, 28th

Chik’chan’s prescence may be experienced as a sensitivity to nature in its simplicity.
With this comes an ability to correct what has been altered from its natural state.
This is done to return to a relaxed state of being.
Your conscious awareness is then clear and uncomplicated.
Chik’chan days are good for accessing the deeper instincts of human nature.
Try doing something with your eyes closed or in the dark.
Distinguish between the fears that genuinely warn you of danger and those that complicate your life and keep you from trusting your true desires.

Those born with Chik’chan as their Daykeeper have a sensitivity to the simplicity within all things.They possess the ability to realign with the natural flow.
This can be done for themselves as well as for others.
They have the potential to be a healer when this ability is trusted and developed.

This is an exerpt from Mayan Calendar Voice of the Galaxy by Raymond Mardyks and Stacia Alana-Leah