Mayan Daykeeper Men

Action+intention=manifestation.  Thought+emotion=manifestation. The principle of manifesting seems easy enough, and yet….. My internal beliefs & dialogues often get in the way. As I have often discovered along the way, I am not aware of some of these beliefs & underlying assumptions that I have at a fundamental level. So I have found that tools can help. One of these is a manifestation mesa/altar. Creating a mesa that embodies that which you wish to manifest, then adding a touch of alchemy & swoosh the universe starts working on this 24/7 for you. Now as with all things you need some action to actualize your intention, but this is a quick easy step. Should you wish the teaching on this please let me know. Michele

2 mesas below both to manifest Gabriola Healing Arts biennial fairs, both very different. Your mesa needs to make sense only to you.

mayan, daykeeper, men, manifestation, mesa, altar,, michele fire-river heart, gabriola healing arts

mayan, daykeeper, men, manifestation, mesa, altar,, michele fire-river heart, gabriola healing arts





The essence of Men, is fundamentally having the ability to envision, focus and manifest an abundant life in all aspects.

If you have been following my blog the information below is a repeat. Previous Men days this year Jan 18th, Feb 7th, 27th, March 19th, April 8th, 28th, May 18th

Men often manifests as a new idea or vision.
With this comes the ability to recognize a new goal or desire
and opportunities not apparent to others.
Men may visit you with a clear vision
of your potential for wealth and well-being.
On Men’s day, you can benefit by visualizing your true desires.
Be open to new ideas and unexpected insights.
Take the steps to advance your wealth and well-being.

Those born with Men as their Daykeeper
are natural producers and visionaries.
They can envision and bring together
the resources needed for the manifestation
of something larger than themselves,
something that involves the work and input of many people.

This is an exerpt from
Mayan Calendar Voice of the Galaxy by Raymond Mardyks and Stacia Alana-Leah


I look forward to hearing from you.....

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