Mukluk is present today (Mayan Daykeeper)

I used to be a fabulous ‘rescuer’, I was full of advice, help and running to do things for others. This is often touted as a great virtue, but in reality it is not. What was underlying this helping, was my need to be loved, respected, admired. It did not come from a pure intent and it was often not help that was asked for. It was actually all about me, & I’m sure quite often irritating to others, not to mention totally overwhelming my energy reserves. I worked long and hard to heal this behaviour and for the most part I have, however I have noticed that of late it has been creeping back in.mayan, daykeeper, muluk, interdependence, connection,, michele fire-river heart

I went to work yesterday in a garden where my client has newly broken ribs, other ailments & a diagnosis that this is going to get worse not better, my challenge was to be  supportive, helpful, but only if asked for & only if it was within my energy levels to do so. Creating an environment that is ‘healthy’ for both of us. Interdependent not codependent.

When someone is in great need it can be a challenge to stay within our boundaries, it is also the best time to see how much we have actually healed. (Should this have been one of your issues of course.)

Well a new lesson today. These folks are farmers and what I learnt today is they are flexible, adaptive and take care of their own needs. Go figure eh, people that work with the land & forces of nature. So no help was asked for and none offered, a healthy day for all. I did what I came to do, they had procured the help they need & interdependence was present, nice.

The essence of Mukluk is the interdependence & connection between all things

Your experience of Muluk may include feeling a sense of debt,
a desire for unconditional giving or an unwillingness to give.
A day with Muluk as Daykeeper is a good time to consider
what is needed to maintain productive and agreeable relationships.
Demonstrate your appreciation and fulfill your obligations
to those that support you.

Those born on a Muluk day must rely on others to fulfill certain responsibilities.
They also need to be involved in the projects of others.
They are often most successful as team players.

This is an exerpt from
Mayan Calendar Voice of the Galaxy by Raymond Mardyks and Stacia Alana-Leah