Cheun is present today (Mayan Daykeeper)


Conscious co-creation, a concept I came to when I learnt about shamanic relationship agreements. One of the agreements one comes to in the agreement is ‘What are we going to co-create together in this relationship?’ Co-creation is a powerful force, the many being greater than the one. We create something bigger than what we could have done alone, & I have found that it has given me greater satisfaction during the process.

Shamanic relationship agreements offer a template to flush out all areas of your relationship needs, within a safe space. Not in a power over framework, rather a collaborative one. There are no compromises, just needs being agreed upon. When I did this with my last mate we were already about 9 years into our relationship. There came a moment where for both of us it was blindingly clear that we didn’t work. Funny that eh, when you actually look at your needs and if they are being met, it totally changes your perspective. We could no longer coast in the status quo of mediocrity, no longer hide in our own delusions in order to stay together out of fear of the loss. It took another couple years before we had the courage to walk away, and yes it was a loss as we still loved each other. The lessons we had needed to learn together in this life walk were over and it was time. My next relationship will have a relationship agreement from early on. I want to use my time in co-creation to it’s fullest potential.

Would you like the teaching for relationship agreements? Would you like a facilitated relationship agreement? Contact me and let’s chat.

Cheun’s essence is the imaginative blending when we create alone or together, and the enjoyment that comes from these creations.

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This is a Chihuly glass art installation, he creates with the help of a team, a co-creation

If you have been following my blog the information below is a repeat. Previous Cheun days this year Jan 14th, Feb 3rd, 23rd, March 15th, April 4th, 24th, May 14th, June 3rd

Those who are experiencing Chuen’s presence may feel an energetic high and
a positive sense of power in their ability to responsibly create their reality.
On Cheun’s day, you may experience creative, artistic desires and abilities,
an openness to play and an ability to enjoy life.
It’s a day to be a conscious co-creator and a joyful, positive participant in the creation of life.

Those born with Chuen as their Daykeeper may be happy-go-lucky,enjoy responsibility or
be envied by others for their good fortune.

This is an exerpt from
Mayan Calendar Voice of the Galaxy by Raymond Mardyks and Stacia Alana-Leah