Etz’nab is present today (Mayan Daykeeper)

The healing journey is all about letting go, so that we may be healthier and happier. Funny how our adaptations to survive our lives, which at first are a good thing, eventually become a weight we carry, and releasing them is our way to freedom.

What I have noticed in my journey through this lifetime, is that the Universe/God/Creator/Great Spirit/spirit guides/insert your beliefs here, helps us heal by bringing us opportunities to do so. The frog picture from Wednesday has reminded me of one of my opportunities that my daughter & I still get great amusement from.

Growing up I had the great fortune of having an inground swimming pool. What I found disturbing as a child was if my dad hadn’t fished out the frogs before I went swimming. Diving in and coming up face to face with a frog freaked me out. Then my darling brother as all good sibs do, found out about my fear of frogs and proceeded to scare the bejebers out of me with ….. frogs.

So now I’m in my early 40’s and still have a fear of frogs, I know it’s irrational but having done nothing to heal it, it’s still there. I  am in an overnight shamanic ceremony specifically designed to offer us the opportunity to release fear and rebirth ourselves. We had prayer intentions every hour, and the hour that I was supposed to pray for sobriety, well, I conveniently went to sleep. I was awoken by a noise in my enclosed space, I grabbed my flashlight and to my sorrow what was in my space ….. you guessed it a frog! Well after freaking out I scooped it up with my prayer cigarette container and into my pee bucket. I have a bit of a cry & when I calmed down it occurred to me how toxic the bucket was with all the nicotine, then I started praying for the frog. If only I’d had the courage to pick it up and put it out of my area, now the frog is at risk due to my fear. In this particular ceremony getting the pee bucket out of my ceremonial space was not an option without some help. My ceremony buddy was not due for another hour to check on me, so pray for the frog I did. When she came I did another thing that was unheard of for me at that time, I asked for help. (The frog was fine, much to my relief) So the universe had given me this opportunity to heal my frog fear and I had not been able to go there. Okay that was the best I could do that night.

Flash forward to a few months later. My daughter & I are walking in a beautiful nature area. She knows that I am now actively aware that the time to heal my fear of frogs is up/present. Well along comes another opportunity a wee frog, tiny perhaps 1.5 cm long. “Hey mom, here you go, the universe is presenting you another opportunity, just pick it up. I’ll catch it and then you can just take it from me.” Aaaaagh! She gets it, but as I’m about to take it it jumps around in her hands, that’s it I’m done with this try, along with much girly squealing. Okay we continue……. “Hey mom here’s another one.” This one is a bit bigger 3 cm., no no I say, I’ll wait for a smaller one, we continue…….. “Hey mom here’s another one.” This one is even bigger 4.5 cm., no no I say, I’ll wait for a smaller one, we continue…… “Mom you know the universe is upping the ante, they’re getting bigger and bigger.” No, no I’ll wait for a smaller one to try again. The next one we come across is friggin’ huge about 7 cm. That’s it I say, I’ll try another day. The next thing is, we bump into a gentleman who starts chatting with us. He’s very into frogs in fact he’s a scientist of some kind specializing in ……. wait for it, frogs! Well when he leaves we just roar with laughter. Okay the universe is sometimes not very subtle.

Well since then I have continued to work on this fear. I have graduated to not being afraid of them and can actually pick one up, well a little one anyway. When I find one in my planter we have a little chat, and when they sing I smile. Interestingly frog is a symbol for transition and change, so when frog comes to visit I am happy & look forward to seeing what is about to transform. Yes freedom indeedy.

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The essence of Etz’nab is letting go. Releasing what needs to go in order to birth something new. Sometimes this will be dramatic other times gentle, either way change is the order of the day.

If you have been following my blog the information below is a repeat. Previous Etz’nab days this year Jan 1st, 21st, Feb 10th, March 2nd, 22nd, April 11th, May 1st, 21st, June 10th

When present, Etz’Nab may stimulate
a powerful awakening to anger and the need for change.
It can appear as rage or the destruction of an old form.
Through sudden events and changes,
Etz’nab may provoke you to be more present in the moment.

Etz’nab days provide an opportunity to detach from
obsolete motivations and future expectations.
You may want to voluntarily arrive in the present moment.
Recognize that when someone or something outside you
appears to interrupt you by demanding your attention,
you are being invited into the moment.

Those born with Etz’nab as their Daykeeper
are people who recognize and express the need for change.
Their actions often challenge the status quo and
can create change for themselves and others.

This is an exerpt from
Mayan Calendar Voice of the Galaxy by Raymond Mardyks and Stacia Alana-Leah