Ak’bal is here today (Mayan Daykeeper)

Ak’bal’s essence is recreation, the beginning of something due to the old & the new coming together. Every moment is created by combining something from the past with something new. 

3 – Ak’bal    and     3 – Sacred Plants (Hyemeyohsts Storm’s Earth Count)

Well plants certainly create something new with something from the past. From last years seeds spring new life. Ak’bal is present here. I wonder if this is part of the fascination with plants? It seems so miraculous that a huge tree for example can spring from such a tiny seed. In the spring we wait with anticipation for the first signs of growth, and then the speed with which some things grow is quite astounding. What a wonderful mirror they are to encourage us when things aren’t ‘growing’ quite as fast as we would like. Right now I have put since January, so much energy into creating and building my new company HEALINGthroughCEREMONY, that I am being challenged by the growth rate. If I look at it from the perspective of a seed, well I have just pushed out those first green shoots, the growth spurt is about to happen. This makes me feel a lot better actually, yay plants thanks for that mirror. Hmmmm funny how my ‘other’ job is working with plants, well I am good at creating what I need that’s for sure.

All the sacred plants I work with help me stay in balance, open my heart, teach me about pace and timing, death & rebirth, acceptance, patience, perseverance, strength, flexibility, abundance, resting, working with my energy, honing my intuitive abilities, honouring my body’s needs, nourishment, releasing what no longer serves me, timing, preferences, medicine, beauty, joy, astonishment, discovery. Well I have to say I didn’t expect that list when I started, sweet, what a gift they bring.

Do you love plants? What do they have to teach you about yourself?

Here’s one of my favourite plants. I adding another load of weeds to a garden dump pile when I saw a little twig no more than 4 inches long  from a pruned branch, that it had two green leaves sprouting from it. It’s determination to live touched my heart and I had to bring it home. That was two years ago, look at it now. I love how the flowers change colour over the course of their life, how they change colour due to what’s in the soil, how even dried at the end of the season they are beautiful. Like us they need lots of water, but when given what they need their blooms are so much bigger than the plant itself. So much teaching for us in this plant. It even has medicinal uses. Hail the mighty Hydrangea.

mayan, daykeeper, Ak'bal, death, rebirth, healingthroughceremony.com. Michele Fire-River Heart

mayan, daykeeper, Ak'bal, death, rebirth, healingthroughceremony.com. Michele Fire-River Heart

If you have been following my blog the information below is a repeat from our last Ak’bal days. Akbal days this year so far: Jan 6th, 26th, Feb 15th, March 7th, 27th, April 16th, May 6th, 26th, June 15th

Ak’bal manifests as a completion and the natural beginning
that immediately follows.
Ak’bal’s presence is like a mystery being revealed.
It happens only after something else, something necessary, happens first.
Ak’bal guides what and when something is revealed, as it comes to light out of the darkness or from the consciousness from the unconscious.

Ak’bal’s day is for revelations and for the next generation of truths to manifest.
Be open to new messages or information appropriate for the
immediate present or future, but not for the past.

Those who are born on an Ak’bal day are dreamers and visionaries.
They desire to bring forth something new in the natural evolution
of what is becoming outdated or complete.

This is an exerpt from Mayan Calendar Voice of the Galaxy
by Raymond Mardyks and Stacia Alana-Leah