Ok is here today (Mayan Daykeeper)

The essence of Ok is the pure energy of carnal yearnings. It is also an awareness of our connection to our primordial instincts & intuitive senses.

10 – Ok    and   10 – Pure intellect and measure. Creation gave humans the power of reason and self choice. Ten is also the number of the humans’ higher self, their Sacred Twin, what can give greater measure than this Spirit-knowing? (Hyemeyohsts Storm’s Earth Count)

Well I didn’t see a connection with carnal yearnings, but I do now, from my perspective it is about knowing oneself. Ok is just that, knowing yourself intimately including your intuitive abilities. Getting to truly know who you are is of paramount importance to a balanced happy life. We adapt as children to survive our environments, often suppressing our true natures. This adaptation becomes a coat, that can be fused to us to such an extent that we do not even remember being without it. It becomes our current way of being and our original true mayan, daykeeper, Ok, carnal yearnings, touch, affection, desire, HEALINGthroughCEREMONY.com, Michele Fire-River Heartself is hidden. What coat to you currently wear that you know about?

We have the ability to be chameleon like showing a different coats appropriate for different situations. Take the very used example of a mom defending her child, what do we call that coat …… a mama lioness coat. When we heal, find and take off our chosen coats we are being a mama lioness to that little soul before adaptation.

We have an internal guidance system, you know the feeling you get within yourself if something doesn’t sit right with you. Honour it as much as you are able in the present moment, this is a great first step to remembering yourself. Now I’m not suggesting you do this with large traumas, assistance is often needed to work through your healing in these situations. I’m talking about starting with little things. Little things can actually make a big impact. Do you want to do that favour, go to that party, make that compromise? If not don’t do it and see how you feel. You can start with things within your own circle, it’s amazing the effect it has on you.

I am working on releasing my poverty mentality. It’s cherry season and I haven’t bought cherries in years due to the price. I was about to do the exact same thing last week and I thought ‘no, this is poverty mentality, buy them’, well the nourishment I got from buying those cherries went far beyond the physical body,mayan, daykeeper, Ok, carnal yearnings, touch, affection, lioness, lion cub, desire, HEALINGthroughCEREMONY.com, Michele Fire-River Heart and the metaphor ‘Life is like a bowl of cherries’ was not lost on me. Of course there was a time I couldn’t afford those cherries, but I’m not talking about doing things you actually can’t afford to do, financially or otherwise. Self care and safety are number one priorities.

What can you do for yourself today, that you have been denying yourself? An hour all alone soaking in a tub, saying no to something you don’t want to do but would normally say yes to grudgingly, a bowl of cherries? Have a safe empowering day, you deserve it. If you think you don’t deserve it, do it for that little child inside you, sometimes that’s easier……. you are the mama lioness!

If you have been following my blog the information below is a repeat. Previous Ok days this year Jan 13th, Feb 2nd, 22nd, March 14th, April 3rd, 23rd, May 13th, June 2nd, 22nd

Ok may be experienced as a heightened sensitivity to your inner feelings and desires,
as well as enhanced awareness of your environment.

Ok may express as a strong desire, a sense of loyalty
or the need to allow desire to guide your actions.
Ok’s days are good for allowing yourself to be guided by your desires and intuition,
trusting yourself and enjoying every moment.

Those born on a Ok day may be loyal, flamboyant, intuitive
and available for the true desires of the moment.

This is an exerpt from
Mayan Calendar Voice of the Galaxy by Raymond Mardyks and Stacia Alana-Leah