Men is here today (Mayan Daykeeper)

The essence of Men, is fundamentally having the ability to envision, focus and manifest an abundant life in all aspects.

15 – Men     and      15 – Collective Consciousness of all Humans. Every thought ever imagined or acted upon by a human in the past, present or future, or within the movement of Life, exists within the Great Human Library of human imagination and Discovery. (Hyemeyohsts Storm’s Earth Count)

So how do we manifest an abundant life in all aspects, we learn from history, past, present and future. As time is a linear human construct, all our lifetimes are happening at the same time. So when you do something in this lifetime it affects all your lifetimes. Our brains can explode (metaphorically) trying to actually envision this, so don’t. Let’s just work within this lifetime. We learn from our past history and the past history of our ancestors. If we change nothing…… well rinse repeat, rinse repeat and we wonder why is this happening to me? This is why doing your healing work and changing your patterns is so important to moving forward, to manifesting something different. I get that change is uncomfortable for many of us, however it is actually the only thing we can count on. Look at nature is anything ever static? No. We are a part of nature, our naturalness is to change, it is in our resistance to change that we create dysfunction, illness and disease.

So if something is not working in your life, make a change. Don’t overwhelm yourself by making it big, start with something you know you can do, and add on from there. No. 1 get rid of ‘New Year’s Resolutions’ all they create on average is another thing to beat yourself up about, due to the fact more often than not they are such huge changes that they are not feasible. Once you have made a small change, guess what, everything has changed and all of a sudden there is another small change that you can make. Sometimes looking at the big picture is the worst thing you can do.

Addiction is like this, addicts tend to only be offered help when they are willing to quit. However it is all kinds of small successes and changes on the way to that moment that will ultimately lead an addict to the place where they are healed enough to quit. That’s why addicts rarely succeed on the first attempt at sobriety, it’s a learning/healing curve.

So give yourself a break, start small and before you know it life will have changed dramatically. You will not be the person you are today, and that new person will have the ability to make changes you never thought were possible. If you walk with persistence, patience, perseverance you will succeed. Set yourself up for success, start small.

Should you wish some help with your healing journey. Contact me to talk about options that would work for you.

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If you have been following my blog the information below is a repeat. Previous Men days this year Jan 18th, Feb 7th, 27th, March 19th, April 8th, 28th, May 18th, June 7th, 27th

Men often manifests as a new idea or vision.
With this comes the ability to recognize a new goal or desire
and opportunities not apparent to others.
Men may visit you with a clear vision
of your potential for wealth and well-being.

On Men’s day, you can benefit by visualizing your true desires.
Be open to new ideas and unexpected insights.
Take the steps to advance your wealth and well-being.

Those born with Men as their Daykeeper
are natural producers and visionaries.
They can envision and bring together
the resources needed for the manifestation
of something larger than themselves,
something that involves the work and input of many people.

This is an exerpt from
Mayan Calendar Voice of the Galaxy by Raymond Mardyks and Stacia Alana-Leah