Etz’nab is here today (Mayan Daykeeper)

The essence of Etz’nab is letting go. Releasing what needs to go in order to birth something new. Sometimes this will be dramatic other times gentle, either way change is the order of the day.

18 – Etz’nab    and    18 – The Sphere of the Shee-nah-meeah, the Balancers of Existence. Within all Creation, the eighteen is about Justice. Who will claim to understand Balance? Who will test the action of Time? Justice is the Shee-nah-meeah. Come children and Remember you were all Born Before. Make your dance, in this your Present, the dance of Honor that you will be proud of within Great Time. (Hyemeyohsts Storm’s Earth Count)

The Shee-nah-meeah are the holders of our books of lives, our akashic records of all lifetimes. They can help us see what needs to heal. So eighteen is about balance in both cycles. Releasing what no longer serves us or is ready to heal to bring greater balance to our lives. There’s just no way around this, we can put all the window dressing we want on our lives, but without balance we are making our lives harder than they need to be.

Now balance is the goal, but balance within the chaos of life. So just like a seesaw, the ability to go with the ups and downs that naturally occur in our lives. Nothing is static, so do we have the ability to flow with the cycles without loosing our balance? Tricky isn’t it? However just like a tightrope walker we learn how to adjust ourselves to maintain balance and not fall. A really great way to train your energy is walking on a flat but narrow piece of wood. If this is too edgy to start, begin by walking on a line.

When in balance your energy sits approx 2″ below your navel, when out of balance it moves up or down from there. If you bring your focus to that balance spot in your body you will gradually feel your energy staying there, then you will no longer shake and bake on that piece of wood or on the line.  This takes practice, throw out any illusions of perfection, this is play/practice time. When your energy goes up, bring it back down. The goal is to learn to feel your energy and where it is, not to get it perfect. The first time I was introduced to this idea, I had no idea where my energy was, let alone move it to another place. Be gentle with yourself, you’re going to make mistakes and that’s normal and okay.

Now please do not go out and try something dangerous, if you try this out make sure it is in a safe way, so if you slip you are not going to get hurt. Having a buddy walking next to you in silence, while you practice on the piece of wood is a good idea. Then you can trade off and they can practice. This will train you to be able to feel where your energy is and how to bring yourself back into balance when it moves, so that you can then use it in everyday life. You may know that phrase ‘my heart was in my throat’ which refers to being nervous or afraid, well that’s about energy and where it often goes when you’re afraid, it moves up the centre line of your body.

So when you’re living your life, if your energy is 2″ below your navel, adapting to whatever life brings is much easier than if your energy is anywhere else in your body.

Your mission today should you choose to accept it, go find a seesaw and play! Surprisingly I found it to be quite an odd experience as an adult, talk about putting your heart into your throat, another great training exercise to follow your energy.

Now this young lady has her energy down pat!

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If you have been following my blog the information below is a repeat. Previous Etz’nab days this year Jan 1st, 21st, Feb 10th, March 2nd, 22nd, April 11th, May 1st, 21st, June 10th, 30th

When present, Etz’Nab may stimulate
a powerful awakening to anger and the need for change.
It can appear as rage or the destruction of an old form.
Through sudden events and changes,
Etz’nab may provoke you to be more present in the moment.

Etz’nab days provide an opportunity to detach from
obsolete motivations and future expectations.
You may want to voluntarily arrive in the present moment.
Recognize that when someone or something outside you
appears to interrupt you by demanding your attention,
you are being invited into the moment.

Those born with Etz’nab as their Daykeeper
are people who recognize and express the need for change.
Their actions often challenge the status quo and
can create change for themselves and others.

This is an exerpt from
Mayan Calendar Voice of the Galaxy by Raymond Mardyks and Stacia Alana-Leah