Ahaw is here today (Mayan Daykeeper)

The essence of Ahaw is completion, culmination, realization, integration.

20 – Ahaw    and    20 – Completion. This is the Return to the Great Zero where all things are Born, The Return to WahKahn and SsKwan. Come, children of becoming where is your Foundation? (Hyemeyohsts Storm’s Earth Count)

Twenty is completion no interpretation here. What I find of note is the line ‘Come, children of becoming where is your Foundation?’ This speaks to cycles of rebirth and how each time we birth anew we have a new foundation, platform of knowledge. I find this very comforting. When I was first consciously working on my healing one of the things that frightened me was the enormity of the healing work I had to do. I was looking at the big picture and imagining (futurizing) that I couldn’t possible handle what was to come. What I didn’t know then that I do now, was that the person I was then was not the person who would be handling the things I was envisioning. Each time I heal I can handle things in a different way, and things that I couldn’t even imagine doing 15 years ago, are now things I can do with ease. Healing is learning. When we learn a skill we understand that we will improve with time, healing is no different. So get rid of the big picture, work on the details of the moment and all will be well. Have a liberating day.

Tomorrow we start a new cycle. I am going to add another cycle of 20, The Twenty Great Teachers. The photo below in my imagination is the man teaching the little boy inside him.

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If you have been following my blog the information below is a repeat. Previous Ahaw days this year Jan 3rd, 23rd, Feb 12th, March 4th, 24th, April 13th, May 3rd, 23rd, June 12th, July 2nd

Ahaw may be experienced as a sense of completion.
This experience may include understanding
the causes and effects that led to this moment.
Ahaw offers the awareness of how completion
relates to the entire cycle of life.

Ahaw’s days are opportunities to see situations
as they fit into the bigger picture.
It is a good time to consider the necessity of certain events
and their involvement in something larger than their immediate effects.

People born on a Ahaw day are sensitive to the cycles of time
and respect the importance of being timely.
They naturally accept that everything plays a part
in something greater than itself.

This is an exerpt from
Mayan Calendar Voice of the Galaxy by Raymond Mardyks and Stacia Alana-Leah