The Teacher of Death ~ White Buffalo Woman ~ Mayan Daykeeper Ben

Your interpretation and experience of this teacher is your own. I can only share my personal understanding, I invite you to explore what this teacher means to you and the lessons it has brought you thus far. This is really important. We gain nothing by ‘taking on’ others life experiences. The juice and healing comes from within your own paradigm, it is pivotal for your healing journey.

13 – The Great Teacher of Death
Death teaches us about magical transformation

Death and change, death as an ally, death, death, death. Why do we have such a charge around death? In western cultures I surmise that it is lack of exposure. We rarely discuss it, and if we do it’s in hushed tones. We rarely see actual dead bodies, and more often than not if we do, it’s in a funeral home where the body has been pumped full of chemicals and made up to imitate life. Television and movies shows us death, but there they do it to trigger fear in us for the most part, and it’s not a real representation of common death at all. We even give death fake names….passed on, passed over, passed away, left us, gone to heaven, gone to be with Jesus, gone to the great (Insert your belief) in the sky, no longer with us, popped his/her/their clogs, kicked the bucked, shuffled off this mortal coil, carked it, pegged out, pushing up the daisies, at peace, at rest, belly up, beyond the veil, beyond the grave, bite the dust, cashed in their chips, bite the big one, bought the farm, come to a sticky end, crossed the Jordan, counting worms, croaked, departed this life, well it goes on and on, we are very creative when it comes to talking about death in a round about way. So why? My guess it is because it is the great unknown, most people do not have substantial information of what really happens, so we cling to whatever works for us to not make it so scary.

My experiences with The Death Cafe (Which on Gabriola will start up again at our library this fall) have shown me that, the more people talk about death and dying, the less charge there is about it. Unbelievably the most common thing to hear at our Death Cafes is laughter. The more exposure we have to actual dead bodies the less fear there is. It is a transition just like birth, we are just birthing into another realm. (Those of you with no belief in the spirit realm, well just ignore this part) Just like birth it is a magical experience. The sadness that comes with death is only present in those left behind, and only if there is unresolved attachment. If there is no unresolved attachment we have no sadness, our sadness is all about us, not the person or animal buddy that has died.

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So can we get to the point where we see death as a magical transformation? From my and other people’s experiences yes, yes we can. When we do, the charge around death goes away. We can then commune with our friends and ancestors in a different way. They are now free of their egoic selves (if they were human) and the relationship can sometimes change dramatically. I have a much better relationship with my dad now, than I did in life, doesn’t mean I don’t still wish I could hug him.

I leave you with Monty Python who has no problem talking about death, humour is a great for grounding tool. The parrot sketch, enjoy!

……. ‘It’s stone dead. This parrot is no more! It’s ceased to be! It’s run down the curtain and joined the choir invisible! This is a late parrot! It’s a stiff! Bereft of life, it rests in peace! It’s curled up its tootsies and shuffled off this mortal coil! This is an ex-parrot!’

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13 – The Thirteen ~ THIRTEEN is the Number for WHITE BUFFALO WOMAN
She and her male-twin-reflection are the spirit of all the plants.
Every flower, tree, grass, herb, vegetable and underwater plant is a  cell that forms the Great Body knowing of White Buffalo Woman and her Twin.
Children, show the dancers how to Dance in the Wild and Healing places.
(Hyemeyohsts Storm’s Earth Count)
Another way of looking at this number is The Collective Consciousness of The Plants

13 – Mayan Daykeeper Ben ~ The essence of Ben is our connection to our ancestral lines. Ben is that feeling of family, the warm cozy one. I know that is not true for all of you, however families are created in many ways, through blood, through choice, through friendship.  In all cases you have an opportunity to learn from your interactions with your families.  Ben holds the energy of interdependent family relationships not co-dependent ones.

Ben expresses in the human experience as
the awareness of family, including both ancestors and
the future potential of the family.

On a Ben day, there may be a general focus on the family
or other dependent relationships.
You may feel more intimate with others around you.
Be careful not to engage those close to you in obsolete family patterns.

Those born with Ben as their Daykeeper
are often responsible and devoted family members.
They may assume the responsibility of being the caretaker of the family

This is an exerpt from
Mayan Calendar Voice of the Galaxy by Raymond Mardyks and Stacia Alana-Leah

Should you wish to know your Birth Daykeeper, Contact me with your birth date.

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