The Interconnection of Pain & Sacred Plants ~ Today’s Daykeeper is Ak’bal

Your interpretation and experience of these energies is your own. I can only share my personal understanding, I invite you to explore what they mean to you and their relevance in your life. This is really important. We gain nothing by ‘taking on’ others life experiences and beliefs. The juice and healing comes from within your own understanding, it is pivotal for your healing journey.

This cycle I am looking at the interconnection between The Twenty Great Teachers of Life and The Earth Count. Let’s see what their interconnection has to teach us. The relevant daily information on each energy is below todays musings.

The interconnection of pain and Sacred Plants ~ Well I imagine most of you know that plants heal, most of our medicines are based on plant medicine, and many of us still use plant medicine directly from Grandmother Earth in it’s natural form. On vacation this year I burnt my finger. As I was out camping I had a small med kit but nothing for burns. On the beach was a succulent plant that my intuition informed me would be useful. I tested it and yes, low and behold when rubbed on my burn, the pain went away and the burn healed at twice the usual rate. Nature provides, plants heal pain. Now I am not suggesting you go out and experiment, I happen to work with plants and plant medicine. It is important to gather information and knowledge before using a plant. To ensure that it is the right medicine for you. There are many resources available and master herbalists are now coming back into our culture. Find one that resonates with you and explore the wonders of our pain relieving plants.

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3 – The Third Great Teacher is Pain
Pain teaches us respect for the different forms that life takes

Pain, there are so many kinds, they all have one thing in common they warn us that we need to take notice of something. Like most of life’s lessons, if we ignore pain or block it out, things get worse not better whether we are aware of it or not. So if we were teaching a child about pain what would we teach? Well all we can teach is anecdotal, as we can intellectualize pain, but we have no point of reference unless we experience it, and we all experience it differently. That said however, we can teach through our life experience and our actions, by dealing with pain openly, honestly and with the greatest speed possible.
Okay great, lalala, but what does that mean to you, right? I image if you’re reading this you have experienced pain, physical, mental and emotional, although I tend to think mental & emotional go hand in hand. I invite you to recapitulate a pain that has healed, how did you handle it? Now in retrospect, could you have done something differently back then to speed up your healing? This is not about judging yourself, or beating yourself up, this is about looking back in neutrality to see what you learned from that experience. At the time you were doing the best you could with the knowledge you had.

I know for myself I used to drown mental/emotional pain with substances. When I blew up my life I finally was at the point that I could let go of that strategy, heal and create a new one. Sobriety. However patterns of behaviour run deep and I still ignored physical pain with the validations that I had to work through the pain, because of monetary needs, I was getting older, my liver was unhealthy due to past abusive behaviours, etc. and therefore, I manifested a life that was physically painful every day.

I then worked on not ignoring my body’s pain, with strategies, hot packs, cold Great Teachers, Pain, mayan, daykeeper, Ak'bal, death, rebirth, Michele Fire-River Heartpacks, topical pain relievers, and yes sometimes meds, which is not a good strategy as it results in other lovely side effects in me, such as reflux and heartburn, yaay pharmaceuticals ….not! Now I have graduated to honouring my body’s pace and abilities more often than not, healing my poverty mentality and changing my diet, which has been stunningly successful in reducing pain in my body. It hasn’t been quick, it’s been gradual, and is still a work in progress.

Reflecting back I am amused by all my creative validations that kept me stuck where I was and in pain. Now I have a new awareness of a few different forms my life has taken and I created it all. How I choose is still up to me, but now I have a lot more knowledge and tools at my disposal and the wisdom to apply them, more often than not.

How do you deal with physical pain?
How do you deal with emotional pain?
In all the ways you deal with pain, what is the most successful?
In all the ways you deal with pain, what are you the most proud of? Think there’s nothing, look again, there’s always something each of us does well, find it, own it!

3 – The Three ~ THREE is the number for all PLANTS
The First Children of the Sacred Zero were the Sun and the Earth. One, the Sun, and Two the Earth, joined together, and from this Union Three was Born.
The grasses are ever singing with the trees, the corn dancers, and the flowers
(Hyemeyohsts Storm’s Earth Count)

3 – Mayan Daykeeper Ak’bal ~ Ak’bal’s essence is recreation, the beginning of something due to the old & the new coming together. Every moment is created by combining something from the past with something new. 

Ak’bal manifests as a completion and the natural beginning
that immediately follows.
Ak’bal’s presence is like a mystery being revealed.
It happens only after something else, something necessary, happens first.
Ak’bal guides what and when something is revealed, as it comes to light out of the darkness or from the consciousness from the unconscious.

Ak’bal’s day is for revelations and for the next generation of truths to manifest.
Be open to new messages or information appropriate for the
immediate present or future, but not for the past.

Those who are born on an Ak’bal day are dreamers and visionaries.
They desire to bring forth something new in the natural evolution
of what is becoming outdated or complete.

This is an exerpt from Mayan Calendar Voice of the Galaxy
by Raymond Mardyks and Stacia Alana-Leah

Should you wish to know your Birth Daykeeper, please contact me and send me your Birthday.

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