The Interconnection of Confrontation with Pure Intellect & Measure ~ Today’s Daykeeper is Ok

Your interpretation and experience of these energies is your own. I can only share my personal understanding, I invite you to explore what they mean to you and their relevance in your life. This is really important. We gain nothing by ‘taking on’ others life experiences and beliefs. The juice and healing comes from within your own understanding, it is pivotal for your healing journey.

This cycle I am looking at the interconnection between The Twenty Great Teachers of Life and The Earth Count. Let’s see what their interconnection has to teach us. The relevant daily information on each energy is below todays musings.

The interconnection between Confrontation with Pure Intellect and Measure (See below) ~ Reason and self choice (Pure intellect & measure), confrontation teaching us the measure of self worth. Reason leads to self choice leads to self worth. As a mathematical equation? A + B = C Quite often I will use A + C = B as for me when I am deciding on a course of action that is a wee bit challenging for me, how I will feel at the end of making each choice, will help me make the choice that leads me to feel better about myself. Back to pacing in front of the donut case.

If I choose the donut, oooh the sweet taste and ensuing neuro-chemical rush of sugar will be lovely for a few moments, then I will get the next rush, guilt, shame and blame, then I will get to choose to do healing & forgiveness. If I choose not to do the healing & forgiveness, well I get to carry around my guilt, shame and blame. Which robs me of energy and time ……. not pleasant, and will probably lead to more emotional stuffing with donuts. See that cycle.

If I choose not to eat the donut, then I get a rush of satisfaction, pride and empowerment, and the odds of me wanting that donut tomorrow is greatly reduced.

Therefore, for me to run an internal play of each scenario, including how I will feel in each, helps me make the choice that is most beneficial for me.
A + C = B …… Reason + Self worth = Self choice which results in
A + B = C …… Reason + Self Choice = Positive self worth.

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10 – The Tenth Great Teacher is Confrontation
Confrontation teaches us the measure of self-worth

Confrontation a biggie I suspect for many of us, it certainly is for me. Well what does it really do for us anyway, why bother, things could get messy, I don’t like messy?

Confrontation is about truth, yours and others.  It shows us how willing we are to stand by our beliefs, protect ourselves and others, how much courage we have, how well we communicate. It can be about working with the tool of confrontation to figure out a new way of doing things, teach us about new perspectives, and how to communicate effectively and authentically even when challenged. It can teach us about speaking our truth without attacking others. It teaches us to stay grounded even in reactionary situations.

For me I have a long history of denying my truth in confrontation. My mom had major control issues (Stemming out of her childhood experiences, she was doing the best she could), so when I was told something about myself that I knew wasn’t true, I would confront her with my truth, she would then inform me of my mistake and that her truth about me, was the truth. I would again speak my truth to have it yet again shot down. These confrontations would continue until I caved, and just let her have her way. This pattern of behaviour of mine to back down when confronted, stayed with me through most of my marriage (Yes I married a partner just like mom), until I healed enough to stand in my truth. Once that happened the marriage ended, I had learnt what I needed to in the relationship, and a big part of that was being authentic when in confrontation. However confrontation although I could do it, now more often than not, came in the form of anger, and often just not being very present at all. It was the way I chose to be able to speak my truth, but that’s not very effective, we are not heard when we make a point in anger. I then went on to learn and practice confrontation from a balanced, neutral place, which is still an edge for me, but I can do it more often than not.

With neutrality came the awareness of when confrontation is important. Can we confront others in a way that they can hear, speak their language, and discern if it’s even worthwhile. As with all our lessons, we get what we are able to handle. So now I have someone in my life who against all physical evidence will argue the contrary, I have learnt to let it go, there is no point to confrontation. I am almost okay with this, when I am totally okay with it I wonder will I have graduated from confrontation class?

What has confrontation taught you? Are you unhappy, and prefer to remain that way rather than confront the cause? Are there particular people or issues you will not confront? How do you confront? What do the answers to these questions teach you about yourself?

10 – The Ten ~ TEN is the Number for PURE INTELLECT and MEASURE.
Creation gave humans the power of Reason and Self Choice. Ten is also the number of the humans’ HIGHER SELF, their Sacred Twin, what can give greater measure than this Spirit-knowing?
Come, Children, have you met your Self and Know Existence?
(Hyemeyohsts Storm’s Earth Count)

10 – Mayan Daykeeper Ok ~ The essence of Ok is the pure energy of carnal yearnings. It is also an awareness of our connection to our primordial instincts & intuitive senses.

Ok may be experienced as a heightened sensitivity to your inner feelings and desires,
as well as enhanced awareness of your environment.

Ok may express as a strong desire, a sense of loyalty
or the need to allow desire to guide your actions.
Ok’s days are good for allowing yourself to be guided by your desires and intuition,
trusting yourself and enjoying every moment.

Those born on a Ok day may be loyal, flamboyant, intuitive
and available for the true desires of the moment.

This is an exerpt from
Mayan Calendar Voice of the Galaxy by Raymond Mardyks and Stacia Alana-Leah

Should you wish to know your Birth Daykeeper, Contact me with your birth date.

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