Otter Birth Animal Totem ~ Today’s Daykeeper is Lamat

Otter Birth Animal Totem: Jan 20 – Feb 18

~ Otter’s connection to clean water shows you how to keep your emotional world clean
~ It also teaches about the gifts of the open and warm heart, and reminds us of the importance of having lots of playtime with our happy, hopeful inner child
~ Otters can help re-awaken your child-like curiosity and to remember that everything is interesting depending on the angle you perceive it from
~ Otter people possess magickal and intuitive abilities providing they allow them
~ They feel deeply but often do not show it
~ Otters are attractive and it’s hard to resist them
~ The key for those with the otter totem is to flow and not stop your energy from flowing
~ Otters are playful, insistent, curious and noble
~ They are considered as a totem to be the healers of emotions
~ Otter people are visionaries and humanitarians
~ They love dreaming up new ways they can be of service to the greater
~ Otter people can become afraid of power and they may block it, and in this way they can become unhappy and lose the qualities that make them attractive, appealing and fun to be around.

~ Help you walk in balance
~ Shows you your heart capacity for love, the nature of your heart
~ How to express emotions and feel them
~ Helps you to be in the present moment emotionally, so you are present and not in past history

When we walk in balance we are connected to reality, the present moment. When out of balance we are in our personal history, living in the past or fantasizing about the future

Here’s a link to, which seems to be a very comprehensive site on otters. For instance did you know that there are 13 known species of otter, I didn’t. In the Salish Sea around Gabriola we have river otters not sea otters. The closest sea otter siting we’ve had was in 2014 near Victoria.

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Animal totems are numerous and varied, beliefs about how many we have and what they do, are just as varied. I present what I have been taught and experienced. Trance drum journeys are a way to find your animal totems, be it just one or many. I facilitate drum journeys. Should you be interested in doing one, contact me & we’ll set up an appointment for this magickal experience.

So what are Totem Animals and why would you even want one? Animal Totems are animal spirit allies, on your journey in this lifetime. They give you advice when asked for, and answer questions you have. They can support you when you’re scared, help empower you, clarify things, show you the next step in your healing journey, walk with you as a trusted companion and more. There are 9 Animal Totems, one in the centre and 8 around your Animal Totem Medicine Wheel. Are they real animal spirits? Well I don’t think it matters one iota if they are or aren’t, what you imagine you create. Whatever you believe and experience is your truth. It is the wisdom & knowledge you get from them that matters, not whether you believe that it’s an animal spirit or a part of your own psyche.

Mayan Daykeeper Lamat ~ Lamat’s essence is the creative process in all forms.

Lamat’s presence may be experienced as an inner awakening.
It may be a new truth revealing itself and developing.
Lamat may be a growth spurt,
with a sudden movement or development toward success or completion.
When Lamat is the Daykeeper,
you may find that certain activities move along more quickly and easily.
These are good days for manifestation
and for reproducing what has already been done.

Those born on a Lamat day may experience
a new potential within themselves.
It is an ability that appears to be unique
or different from that of family members, friends or associates

This is an excerpt from Mayan Calendar Voice of the Galaxy by Raymond Mardyks and Stacia Alana-Leah

Should you wish to know your Birth Daykeeper please contact me and send your birthday

Previous Lamat days this year Jan 11th, 31st, Feb 20th, March 12th,  April 1st, 21st May 11th, 31st, June 20th, July 10th, 30th, Aug 19th, Sept 8th, 28th

Your interpretation and experience is your own. I can only share my personal understanding, I invite you to find your own truths and their relevance in your life. This is really important. If something resonates great, if not chuck it out. We gain nothing by ‘taking on’ others life experiences and beliefs. The juice and healing comes from within your own understanding, it is pivotal for your healing journey and manifesting what you want.