Wisdom: Tumble (But not over) ~ Today’s Daykeeper is Men

Today’s word is TUMBLE (But not over)

I thought it was a really odd word my inner wisdom provided this morning, until….. As a single person with no family around, holiday season can be challenging, and I imagine to wisdom, tumble, mayan, daykeeper, Ix, messages, spirit, meditation, inter dimensional, spirit, receptivity, fawn, healingthroughceremony.com, michele fire-river heart  lots of you as well. All this damn happy music about family and love, movies about family and love, the overall sense that Christmas is about sharing this time with family. For some of us it is not possible. So to all of you in the same boat, take care of yourself. If the Christmas songs and movies are breaking your heart turn them off! If you feel like crying, cry. Allow yourself to just be no matter how it looks. Then pick yourself up and plan a nourishing time for yourself this season. Just like love, we need to nourish ourselves. So if you can, avoid indulging in loneliness, sadness and yes a feeling of loss. Feeling them is one thing, but sinking into them leads only one way, down. I invite you instead to plan, have strategies that will pick you up, and nourish you. You are the person you can count on, to make this season jolly.

The beautiful crystals above need to tumble to look this way, and tumbleweeds tumble to spread their seeds far and wide. So tumble this season, tumble through emotions happy and sad, land in beauty. Sow your seeds that are the essence of you, for yourself and/or for others. Tumble your way through the season and before you know it, 2018 will be here with another year to manifest your life in whatever way you choose.

wisdom, tumble, tumbleweed, mayan, daykeeper, Ix, messages, spirit, meditation, inter dimensional, spirit, receptivity, fawn, healingthroughceremony.com, michele fire-river heart

We are working with our inner wisdom in this 20 day cycle. I invite you to take a moment, go to your breath, just focus on your breath with the intent of hearing your own wisdom of what you need to hear in relation to the word and the photos. If it speaks to you to write it down each day, or make a symbol, or a piece of art indulge yourself.

Mayan Daykeeper Men ~ The essence of Men, is fundamentally having the ability to envision, focus and manifest an abundant life in all aspects.

Men often manifests as a new idea or vision.
With this comes the ability to recognize a new goal or desire
and opportunities not apparent to others.
Men may visit you with a clear vision
of your potential for wealth and well-being.

On Men’s day, you can benefit by visualizing your true desires.
Be open to new ideas and unexpected insights.
Take the steps to advance your wealth and well-being.

Those born with Men as their Daykeeper
are natural producers and visionaries.
They can envision and bring together
the resources needed for the manifestation
of something larger than themselves,
something that involves the work and input of many people.

This is an exerpt from
Mayan Calendar Voice of the Galaxy by Raymond Mardyks and Stacia Alana-Leah

Should you wish to know your Birth Daykeeper, Contact me with your birth date.

Your interpretation and experience is your own. I can only share my personal understanding, I invite you to find your own truths and their relevance in your life. This is really important. If something resonates great, if not chuck it out. We gain nothing by ‘taking on’ others life experiences and beliefs. The juice and healing comes from within your own understanding, it is pivotal for your healing journey and manifesting what you want.