Your Mind is Your Bitch, You Have the Power!

So don’t go getting all bent out of shape, the term ‘Bitch’ here is gender neutral and a metaphor people!

Adapt this post to where you live. If you live in a city, break things down to your local community and/or circle of peeps.


So is the sky falling? Well no, we definitely have serious shit to get through, but if you allow your mind to focus on fear, panic and the constant barrage of media announcements, well ……….

Then you are ‘The Bitch’ of COVID-19 and I don’t know about you, but I’m bigger than COVID-19 and I’m not allowing a friggin’ virus to take my power!

So yes,
~ Do your due diligence in finding out the facts
~ Take necessary precautions
~ Be a fabulous Gabriolan and take care of each other (Vancouverite, Torontonian, etc.)
~ Checking on those at risk or alone
~ Then let it go.

If you allow yourself
to keep this virus
as the focus of your attention
then that is where you will be.

Day in and day out,
creating stress in all your bodies,
mental, emotional and physical,
this is what impacts your immune system
making you more susceptible to disease.

So part of necessary precautions from my perspective is:
~ Keep calm
~ De-stress
~ Kick paranoia to the curb when somebody coughs
~ Has just been in Vancouver
~ Or has a cold,
~ Don’t take all available resources out of the grocery stores etc.
leave some for others.

We are Gabriolans,
we have a long history of taking care of each other,
of supporting each other,
let’s keep doing that…….

Not giving in to fear and panic.
Even if some of us get sick,
we will get through this better
by being our usual kind compassionate selves.

One of the reasons I have stayed on Gabriola
was for exactly this eventuality,
that when the shit hits the fan,
I know there will be community support.

So …… step up,
take control of your brain,
your internal dialogue,
watch what you watch, read, say and do.

I’m not saying it’s easy,
but I do think it’s necessary for me anyway,
to keep living and not just start existing
as COVID-19’s Bitch!

Bite me COVID-19 I am a warrior! AND no-body’s Bitch!