Don’t Cry you need to Save the Toilet Paper

So I was having ‘a moment’, and started to cry ……..
Into my head popped ‘Don’t cry you need to save the toilet paper’!
That sentence was so absurd to me,
so out of context to the reality that used to be,
it actually broke the energy and I started to laugh.

I’m a solitary being for the most part, happy with my own company,
but I also have a side to me, that if I can’t do a thing …… well, yup, I want to.
So our current status of lock down has moved that compulsion up a notch.

Now thanks to me creating and manifesting my job as a gardener,
living on an island, and being mostly solitary,
I am still really living my life pretty much as I always did,
with a few exceptions.
So really in the big scheme of things I am hardly challenged in out current situation ……..

and yet,

even I am feeling my emotions being heightened, my stress levels increased.
I cannot image what those of you that are social beings and crave interaction with others normally, are going through …..

The chaos energy mixed with a quieter energy of the world slowed down,
added with fear of the unknown, has thrust most of us into a place of discomfort,
of being with ourselves indefinitely in this moment, and that’s damn scary.
There’s no escape,
you are with yourself in the quiet,
having a time out, to look at yourself
and your life with a new awareness.

What the hell else are you going to do ….
~ After you’ve cleaned the house past a level where you actually can’t find anymore dirt,
~ Where your garden is more perfect than it’s ever been
~ Where you have to tune out of what’s in your immediate environment
because you can’t take another burp or fart
from the male of the species you are living with,
~ Or conversely, you cannot take her cleaning one more damn thing,
the house is clean already, no more chores, no more organizing!
~ You’d always thought it would be awesome to just veg out and do nothing or watch tv, or read to your hearts content …… but all of a sudden that is boring also
~ Sex …. sex is good, but again with the same partner over and over again,
seriously after awhile there’s only so many new things you can try …….
~ Oh you have no partner and now the door is closed to even try, f______k …..
(Time for all you brilliant AI people to put your pedal to the metal and create some friggin’ affordable Data’s … just sayin’, or at least some sex friendly hazmat suits.)
Ok disclaimer I’ve been reading tooo many sexy vampire fantasy novels, it’s spring for gods sake and I’m single aaaaaarrrrggghhhh!
~ So some of you are now thinking …. the kids are home, so suck it lady, so sorry you’re single, but with kids underfoot it’s kinda the same thing?
(And while we’re on the topic of kids and sex, people that think kids are going to save their relationship, have never had kids …..
It’s kinda funny really when you think about it, this drive to have sex, to procreate, well in a relationship that kinda defeats the purpose of getting laid for at least the first year, yeh think on that before you don’t use a condom! This could be it, 5 months more of sex, then 4 months of uncomfortable sex, then no sex for a year, or if you are lucky enough to have the energy ….. shhhh don’t wake the baby and let’s make it quick it’s 2 hrs to the next feeding and it’s your turn by the way! Hehehe I’m so glad I’m post menopause!)

So once again you are back to being inside your own head
probably 70% more than is normal for you
lots of time to take a look
at who you are and how you are living.

From my perspective, this is the ‘RESET’ folks,
a time for self reflection,
a time to decide if you like yourself and your life,
and if not ……
you are at choice ……
how can you change it?

Yes perhaps some things you cannot do immediately,
but you can make plans.
You can make changes within your own psyche,
so when lock down is over
you are ready to implement the changes you need
to make yourself happy.

So enjoy this time out,
see the beauty that is you,
forgive yourself for past mistakes
and remake or enhance your life so that you are happy,
regardless of the world around you.

The world as we know it is gone,
it is the perfect opportunity to let go of what no longer serves you
and remake yourself in the image that does,
no matter who doesn’t think it’s appropriate.

F__k em it’s your life, you are the creator, what are you creating?

Thank you Covid-19
for giving us this time out,
this wake up call world wide.
It is what we needed to wake up and smell the coffee,
you are a catalyst for change.

I for one am grateful.