We all got skills ……

The amazing tow truck operator …..

Today I made a driving mistake and got my car stuck up on a pile of dirt ……. don’t ask!
Anyhoo Gabriola Towing came and got me off.
Now this is not the first time I’ve watched this man in action
(Other times were not me, just sayin’).
All situations were very tricky
a car stuck between a rock and a tree on a very steep incline,
a car balancing on a rock half the car hanging off a 8′ drop down to a parking lot,
and today my dilemma.

This guy is an absolute magician
with how he can move cars with his tow truck.
I’ve never seen anything like it,
he’s a specialist I imagine one of the best.

Which got me to thinking how every profession has folks who are absolutely amazing at their job. Whether it’s a person on a Coast Guard boat or someone cleaning a floor, there is always a way the the job can be done with supreme efficiency and extremely well done.

So take a look at the person packing your groceries,
the person painting lines on the street,
the person organizing an office,
cooking dinner,
serving you in a restaurant.

Let’s appreciate skills that are in all walks of life.

Take a look at you and give yourself credit
and a huge whoot whoot
for the fabulous skills that you possess.