Judgement – An effective distraction from our own crap piles

On a small island we get to see community with the good and the hmmmm challenging, and it’s very easy to observe and be impacted if we so choose, because there are so few of us.

This week I’m hiding the bedsheets, the ropes, the lashes, making sure there are no hangin’ ropes on trees. It’s been a week of judgy, judgy, judgy …… blame, blame, blame …… should, should, should……. on FaceBook or should we say, FacelessBook, say what you want without having to look the person in the face.

…….. and yes I am not innocent in this, my Itty Chitty Bitty Committee/Monkey mind/Internal dialogue has been in on the action, yeee haaa! We are sooooo entertained, there’s so much to judge, and now I even get to make a blog post about it……

What I have noticed about myself this week, I still distract myself from my own crap by induldging myself in judging others.

What I noticed was that every judgement I had was related to something about me that was unresolved, not forgiven, in need of some healing ……. yes, yet again, the journey continues.

So when that awareness arose to the surface again I thought ……. (Man I love my dots, okay no, just distracted again)

  • Perhaps the only love the addict experiences daily is from their dog, and is the only thing keeping them alive
  • Perhaps the logging is to pay for someones end of life care as they have Alzheimers
  • Perhaps someone choosing to not get vaccinated is the choice that keeps them alive

Perhaps none of the above is true ……..

What is true is that I can’t possibly know, and I’ll make a more positive impact on myself and the world at large, by healing myself and going out into the world a more healed being, rather than sitting in judgement of myself and others. That will just lead to more icecream (I Scream) and unhappiness, which is such a waste on a beautiful island full of beautiful people.