I believe releasing past history is the key to happiness.
I believe the best way to do that is through healing ceremonies.

Past history keeps us anchored in the past and in reaction mode. Without releasing past history it is very difficult to move forward. i.e.’ Why do I always end up with the same partner?’ Ceremonies take you out of your head and into your heart. They circumvent the itty bitty shitty committee in your mind, connecting you with your spirit. They open a safe sacred space for experiential healing.

A powerful healing journey changes your life forever, one step at a time.
The first step is yours, contact me & we’ll discuss your needs


Michele Fire-River Heart, head shot, healing through ceremony


Michele Fire-River Heart,
Certified Shamanic Coach
Medicine Woman


Contact me to discuss your needs




~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Michele Fire-River Heart is a warm and beautiful Spirit who can hold a safe space for transformation and healing, allowing me to be open and courageous.  I thank you from the bottom of my heart
Hugs, Rhonda (Gabriola Island)

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ I have been working with Michele to help me with my grief after losing my husband. We have also been working on my fear of moving forward in other parts of my life. These sessions have helped me to find what is holding me back and they are working, I am stepping forward into my fear and not letting it hold me back any longer. She is wise and sees what to work with to help me step forward into happiness and use my abilities for good. Thank you Michele.
Margaret  (Gabriola Island)

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ I have had several sessions and attended several workshops with Michele Fire-River Heart. Always professional, organized and knowledgeable. Enjoyed her positive outlook and no nonsense approach. Highly recommend.
Judy  (Gabriola Island)

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ I asked Michele to come to my home to clear the energy of any negativity, in and around my home and for myself. I was in the process of moving, and also in a stage of grief of letting go of it, and also getting rid of negative patterns I was holding within  myself. Michele performed a ritual of smudging and positive intent to clear what no longer served me. As she was doing so I felt a great sense of calm and release. My home became clear of any negativity and my heart shifted into strength. Michele is a gifted shaman. Intuitive and clear in her communication and practice. There is strength in ritual in letting go of what no longer serves a persons path to self -actualization.
I hold much gratitude to Michele for facilitating this change.
Kathleen (Gabriola Island)

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ A small poster on the Gabriola bulletin board that advertised Shamanic Drum Journeys. I made contact with Michelle to inquire and was invited to her home. The atmosphere was warm and inspiring and Michelle’s proficiency in her craft was evident; allowing me to very quickly connect with a totem that was both personally meaningful and completely relevant to my journey. I visited Michelle a handful of times and was always gifted with sessions of insight, tradition and artistry. She has invested herself in her work and her service to fellows is wisdom manifest. Blessings Michele.

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