A BIT OF MY JOURNEY till now ….  Questions are always welcomed.

I have been studying shamanism for 14 years. In 2004 the need for sobriety brought me to healing through ceremony and shamanism, for that I am extremely grateful. Having lived with an addictive personality and depression most of my life, I had finally found the healing modality that worked for me. Starting with a one year addiction program, and then apprenticing to continue studying. I started my training with the Deer Tribe Metis Medicine Society based in Scottsdale Arizona and continued to certification through The Institute of Shamanic Medicine in Canada.  

In 2007 combining my passions of art (michelefireriverheart.com) and healing work, I created ‘Joy Infusion’. A company providing healing art workshops. Self-created and facilitated, these workshops were designed for people to have fun with no art experience. The added bonus, healing opportunities. Offering many workshops from Sacred Self Mask Making to Land art workshops, creativity abounded and healing happened.

I started a healing practice in 2012 under the name Galago Healing, which transitioned into HEALING through CEREMONY at the beginning of 2017 due to being called by spirit to do end of life work. I have taken Home Funeral Practicum education: Encompassing pre-death organization, to sacred preparation of the body after death, through to death ceremonial rites.

I am the co-creator of the non-profit Gabriola Community DeathCare Collective. We offer education on the subject of Deathcare. I am also one of the facilitators of the Gabriola Death Cafe each month.

Healing work is where I choose to make impact in this world. Healing ceremonies are a passion for me, and when I am gifted with seeing the shift in my clients being, it just makes my day. 

I also offer: Shamanic Healing, Energy Healing, Rites of Passage ceremonies & Rituals

I live on an island, in a little cottage in the forest with the ocean at my feet. 

I have dreamed well and I am grateful.

WHY I DO THIS WORK sacred circles, end of life, humans, animals, Michele Fire-River Heart, healing through ceremony

♥  To illuminate the healing power of ceremony

♥  To share healing tools that are practical to use in your life

♥  To share ways to accelerate your healing journey

♥  To mirror making death an ally

♥  To be a witness for people’s transformation…..

♥  To be of service by sharing my gifts & abilities, while doing something I love, that makes impact in the healing journey, of the people I interact with. In so doing, I feel that I am fulfilling my purpose in this lifetime, & accelerating my own healing journey.


♥  To hold my clients journey as a sacred trust

♥  To stand in neutrality

♥  To align my intent with my clients

♥  To stand in my beauty & power, so I may be offering my best at all times

smudge, smudge bowl, smudge fan, Michele Fire-River Heart, healing through ceremony

Should you not be happy with any of my services or products
You are welcome to a full refund


I look forward to hearing from you.....

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