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NOTE: Galago Healing is incorporated into my new company HEALING through CEREMONY


~ The Science of Magic Radio Show with Gwilda Wiyaka

The Science of Magic radio show with Gwilda Wiyaka Episode 125 on YouTube Michele Fire-River Heart, csc, Celebrant


~ Michele Fire-River Heart on Arrhythmia: Intuitive Living & The Spiritual Journey

(Scroll down on CKGI site, 4th podcast in Arrhythmia feed)

Arrythmia radio show logo by Michele Fire-River Heart©Guests include Dorothy Engst, co-owner of Nature Spirit Health Market
Michele Fire-River Heart owner Galago Healing – Now called
‘Healing through Ceremony’



Arrhythmia’s theme music by Victor Anthony
Logo by Michele Fire-River Heart
“Tell it” (The Gabriola Co-op Radio) song by Leah Hokanson and Bill Miner.

Gratitude & credits to Michael Mehta