Energy healing a very loaded term. I recently got booked by the quirks of nature as a ‘Healing Touch’ practitioner. I explained to my clients that day, that I was not a certified Healing Touch practitioner but I worked with healing energy, to effect a similar result. From an early age I have had the ability to work with healing energy intuitively, facilitating healing for my clients. As I gain more & more skills & abilities the way I do this has gained depth. It is a passion of mine to use this ability to help others.

Energy work is the channeling of energy into & out of the physical and energetic bodies. This is accomplished in many ways: hands, sound instruments, crystals, healing fans. Using knowledge about the physical and energetic (etheric) bodies, the clients history, and my intuition, I add &/or remove energy in both bodies. Blockages of energy & negative energetic attachments can be removed, positive light energy put in. Just because we do not physically see something doesn’t mean it’s not there. My job is in part to discern this.

I do not “heal” anyone, I am simply a conduit for the movement of energy. What I have crystals, healing, energy work, etheric body, physical body, michele fire-river heart, healing through ceremony found, is that my clients intent to heal, combined with my ability to channel and manipulate the energy, can affect a healing within that person. The client unconsciously or consciously uses that energy to heal themselves.

We affect our physical/mental/spiritual health in many ways, with what we eat or don’t eat, too much or too little exercise, our minds and emotions, the environment we live & work in, the people we are in contact with, ‘accidents’ the list goes on. From my perspective, all we can do, is work on healing ourselves, one step at a time.

I know that personally, maintaining balance at all times is not possible, applying discipline in bringing myself back into balance when needed is my goal. Which sometimes requires that I ask for help, and yes there are moments of resistance, it’s all part of our journey. Perfection is an illusion.

HEALING SESSIONS ~ I can work with individual tools or you can come for a general session where I work organically with the use of tools as needed. I do travel, how far & how many appointments in an area are determining factors.

Long distance healing is also available, let’s chat via Skype or phone to book an appointment. Contact me










I look forward to hearing from you.....

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