End of Life Ceremonial Services

Birth & death are experiences we all have, however for humans in general death holds a greater  charge. Your loss of some one you love, be they human or animal is a huge loss. There is no right or wrong way to go through grief. Grief is personal, individual. All you have control over is how you experience it. Death ceremonies, animals, pets, humans, healing through ceremony, michele fire-river heart

One way is through ceremony. Ceremonies are designed to offer you the opportunity to celebrate a life and to heal. Healing happens, healing through ceremony helps speed up the healing process. Reducing the length of your grief & pain of your loss.

Ceremonies are customized to your beliefs around death & spirituality.
If something I suggest doesn’t work for you,
it will not be part of your ceremony, period.

Let’s co-create a powerful ceremony together.



Ceremonies incorporate the creation of sacred space, opportunities for sharing stories, self reflection of the journey you’ve had together, grief releasing, music and celebration rituals that work for you.

~ Blessing of Urn, Plaque or Sacred Resting Place

~ Sacred Burial Ceremony

~ Sacred Ashes Releasing Ceremony


dog, death, change, end of life ceremonies, Michele Fire-River Heart


~ Remembrance Ceremony

~ Shrine Creation Ceremony

~ Shadow Box Memorial Ceremony





These grieving ceremonies are done individually.
I provide support & guidance before & afterwards in person, via Skype or telephone.

~ Walking Vision Quest

~ Outdoor or Indoor Releasing Grief Ceremony

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Unique & beautiful pottery urns by Mad Mudslinger

Living Reef Memorials through Evergreen Cremation Centre – A more affordable independent funeral home

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