Past Relationship Pain Be Gone

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This program can be done from anywhere in the world

No woo woo, just healing ceremonies designed for you and practical techniques with which you can continue healing.
An opportunity to let go of the pain, patterns, adaptations you created to survive in past relationships and events.
Erasing past history is key to us being able to move forward in our lives
Only then can you create new patterns new ways of being and the freedom that brings

~ 9 weeks
~ 8 ceremonies (Location of your choosing, anywhere in the world)
~ 10 One hour video coaching sessions
~ Email support

So are you feeling ……. stuck in the past?

Are you afraid of being hurt again?
Are you afraid of repeating old patterns in relationships or otherwise?
Are you experiencing drama when you engage with your ex. ?(children more often than not keep us tied to each other for awhile)
Do you rerun past history over and over again?
Does your head never shut up?
Are you afraid of moving forward into a new relationship if it shows up?

~ Healing ceremonies get around your habit of trying to figure things out.

~ They are structured to flush out what is ready to heal,

~ They give you a tool with which to release and heal it

~ They give you an opportunity to look at what you want to bring into your life
now that you’ve let that piece of past history or patterning go.

The ceremonies are designed to work with one another,
releasing things a bit at a time.

This package is not the same for everybody
your unique needs will be reflected in the ceremonies you do.

You will leave with a happier heart a lot less baggage
and easy to use techniques.

I will be there supporting and coaching you through the ceremonial process

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Past Relationship Pain Be Gone

9 Week experiential course ~ 10 video calls ~ 8 ceremonies ~ email support