Rites of passage Ceremonies

Rites of Passage ceremonies, are an opportunity for you to pause and reflect on your life. To celebrate milestones and accomplishments. They give you time to acknowledge and celebrate who you are and the impact you have made in the world. Some, open a space to heal and move forward, by giving you the opportunity to release your stories that no longer serve you, making space to start the next phase of your journey from a place of power. 

In our culture we have for the most part left behind celebrating the different stages in our life’s  journey. How would your experience have changed if you had been through a ceremony to mark your transition into or through puberty, adulthood, parenthood, change of life, pregnancy, birth of children and death of some-one you love?

I invite you to share your thoughts in the comments section below.


There are many, many rites of passage ceremonies, what’s important is that they have value & meaning to you. Your life is unique and so to are your rites of passage.

Is there a rite of passage you would like to do right now?

Let’s create a powerful ceremony for you together.

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Free Ceremony: The Victory Jar Ceremony
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  • Calling the spirit of a child – A ceremony in preparation of conception, opening the space for the conscious creation of new life
  • Parent Blessing Ceremony – To honour the parent(s) to be
  • Fertility Conception Ceremonies for a person(s) or couple to conceive a child, whether personally or through surrogacy
  • Calling in a child Ceremony – To call in a child for couples that choose to adopt
  • Ceremonies at the birth of a child, or soon thereafter
  • Naming Ceremony for the Child’s Power Name – A name that comes through the ceremonial guide that reflects the child’s unique gifts, their ‘medicine’. This is not their birth name
  • Postpartum Candlelight Ceremony – To mark a birth mother’s transition from pregnancy to new mother
  • Candlelight Ceremony – To mark parent(s) transition into parenthood

  • Medicine Name – Your medicine name teaches you about your unique gifts & abilities in this lifetime. A way to understand how to run & use your energy that is best for you. Would you like to know yours? This ceremony is done by me to ‘pull’ your name from spirit. Would you like to know your medicine name? Contact me now


  • Puberty celebration ceremonies for young people of all genders
  • Coming of Age Ceremonies for young people of all genders, usually done around 16 yrs of age
  • Zero Ceremony – Done on the zeros…20, 30, 40, 50, 60 yrs of age, etc. This is an opportunity to reflect on the past 10 years. Releasing what is ready to go, making space for the ‘new’ & celebrating accomplishments.


  • Sacred Union Ceremony – Two people or more making a sacred commitment to journey together
  • Separation Ceremony – To mark the ending of a significant relationship(s) (Done together or alone)


  • Marking Passages Ceremony – For a specific accomplishment or successful life transition


  • Sobriety & sobriety accomplishments ceremonies – solitary or group celebrations


  • Physical Transformation Celebration ceremonies – A celebration for any physical transformation that has meaning for you. Solitary or group celebrations (I’m thinking a ‘celebrate the wrinkles ceremony’ is in order for me)
  • Transition ceremonies – for any stage in life where there is a substantial shift in our being e.g. ‘The Pauses’, recovery from a potentially life threatening illness, etc.
  • Elder ceremonies – done at age 61 or older in community. To bare witness &  celebrate the transition into becoming an elder. Or a personal ceremony for yourself to acknowledge becoming an elder.


  • Death ceremonies –  For grieving the loss of a loved one be they human or an animal friend
  • Crossing over ceremony – To assist someone who has died in their journey back to spirit (Also know as Psychopomp) This is done by me for the one who is crossing over. Either at their request prior to death, or by some-one who loved them. Ceremony is best done within the first 3 days after death


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I look forward to hearing from you.....

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