What is shamanism and shamanic coaching

Shamanism is an experiential way of healing, getting you out of your head and opening your heart. It is not namby pamby or woo woo, it takes you on a journey through your shit and out the other end, to a place where you can actually enjoy life and not be ashamed of your eccentricities and uniqueness, they are what make you you.

Shamanism takes many forms in many traditions. The common thread is using ceremony and ancient techniques with the natural world as a teacher, to bring you back into balance, mind, body and spirit. By observing plants, animals and the elements you will find out more about yourself and what needs to heal in order to live a happier life. This together with healing ceremonies and techniques will guide you to a place where you have healed old emotional wounds, like yourself more, quieted your internal dialogue, gotten rid of bad habits, are not affected by what others think or do, and most of all get to a place where you don’t think twice about being yourself. 

Shamanic coaching is what I do to guide and help you get there.

When you heal, pretending to be somebody you aren’t will get less and less. Guilt, shame and blame will not rear their ugly heads in your every day life, and you will increasingly feel more secure, confident and powerful, able to handle the crap that life throws at you from time to time.

Ceremonies are designed to give you the opportunity to look at your shit, put it into piles and then set those piles on fire, disintegrating them. In fact in some cases quite literally lol. They then take you through forgiveness work and finally into a place where you look at what you want to become. 


I came to shamanism an addict, depressed and angry. Using shamanism I healed the reasons I was an addict, then I had to deal with the underlying issue depression, and well not just a few piles of shit, more like a mountain of shit. Now 14 years later I am mostly happy, with a tendency to still get cranky and a whole bunch of strategies to deal with my depression when it hits. I use ceremonies, tools and techniques when another layer of the flipping onion presents itself. I am not totally healed I never will be, but I now live my life without apologizing for who I am and I know I can handle whatever comes.

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