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Spring is Sprung, the Grass is Riz, I wonder where my Healing Ceremony Is?

I love puns, corny poetry, so welcome to my world.

Happy Spring one and all. I have a ceremony for any who would like it and a free consult session to go with it. Start your spring by releasing and rebirthing into a new you.

1.5 – 2 hrs
Can be done indoors or outdoors

Creating ‘me time’ and a sacred space in which to reflect, release and emerge into the new you. The new you shining, envigorated, bursting, budding like nature at this time of year.

1 large sheet of paper or poster board
3 pieces of paper or cardboard approx. 3” x 5”
Pen, marker, or coloured felt pens
Compass (Unless you know the directions of the area you will work within)
4 rocks or crystals willing to hold the energies of the 4 cardinal directions* (See below)
Reflection Bowl: Container with water, not a lot. It will be used as your reflection focus. If you have a beautiful bowl and it’s feasible to bring it with you, well yaay, beauty is good.

Are ya game? Contact me and I will send it to you, then we can set up a call to discuss.