The Interconnection of Spirit & All the Planets ~ Today’s Daykeeper is Eb

Your interpretation and experience of these energies is your own. I can only share my personal understanding, I invite you to explore what they mean to you and their relevance in your life. This is really important. We gain nothing by ‘taking on’ others life experiences and beliefs. The juice and healing comes from within your own understanding, it is pivotal for your healing journey.

This cycle I am looking at the interconnection between The Twenty Great Teachers of Life and The Earth Count. Let’s see what their interconnection has to teach us. The relevant daily information on each energy is below todays musings.

The Interconnection of Spirit & All the Planets ~ Well I got nothing, let me contemplate this ……..Okay this may not be within everyone’s paradigm however. Planets are spiritual entities in and of themselves. Evolving and growing just like we do. In addition I have to believe looking at the numbers that there are other planets with life, and within that life, other spirits. Hopefully I didn’t make anyone’s head explode, but if I did, pick up the pieces and let’s move on. This is just an invitation to consider the possibilities.

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12 – The Twelfth Great Teacher is Spirit
Spirit teaches us about form and formlessness

So we’re talking about all types of spirit, your own and others. We learn by being a spirit in human form and we learn from our connections with the spirit realm and for some people ‘the great spirit’/God/universal intelligence/fill in your own belief should you have one. We learn by both spirit’s presence and absence. When we are connected to spirit we tap into a much bigger realm than the physical realm that we can see. The way you connect to spirit, is as individual as you are. There is no one right way, the way you connect with spirit is the right way for you at this time. There are also many different ways to connect with spirit and I find that some are easier for me than others.

A question I am regularly asked is do I or have I done ayahuasca, peyote, marajuana or other mind expanding drugs to make a connection with spirit. No I have not, while it is said that evidence has shown great benefit for releasing addiction for example using ayahuasca and  ibogaine, these are extreme circumstances. I believe that yes these mind altering chemicals can connect us to other spiritual realms but are not necessary to connecting with spiritual realms. From what I have read they were also not handed out willy nilly to folks for recreation use, but rather for specific ceremonial rites. Have faith in yourself you are actually all you need to connect with spirit.

In addition I have found that the more I practise the greater my ability to connect with spirit becomes. When we cut ourselves off from life, our ability to connect with spirit is one of the casualties. We cannot expect to have an awareness of subtle vibrations when we are not present in our bodies.

Our bodies are our antennas, the more energy our bodies have the greater our ability to transmit and receive, we are electro-magnetic beings after all.

What is your relationship to your spirit?
What have you learnt by being connected to spirit?
What have you learnt when not connected to spirit?
What do you want to learn from spirit?

12 – The Twelve ~ TWELVE is the number for all the PLANETS
Come, dancers, orbit your Sacred Self, guiding your children to Honour Mother Life.
Mother Earth is a special Planet, for She has Birthed you and can Birth all Life
(Hyemeyohsts Storm’s Earth Count)

12 – Mayan Daykeeper Eb ~ Eb is an energy, guardian angel/entity, spirit guide, (fill in your own belief word). An energy that helps you connect between the physical & spiritual realms.

Eb often appears as a guide or a powerful force
that assists you on your journey.
Eb may come to you from within or through someone else.
On days with Eb as a Daykeeper,
you may more easily access spiritual awareness and
expanded states of consciousness.
It is a good day to contact inner guides
or draw inspiration to attain a higher perspective on daily affairs.

Those born with Eb as their Daykeeper,
have a natural ability to attain a spiritual, expanded awareness.
When inspired they can guide other to their true path
to begin fulfilling their higher purpose

This is an exerpt from
Mayan Calendar Voice of the Galaxy by Raymond Mardyks and Stacia Alana-Leah

Should you wish to know your Birth Daykeeper, Contact me with your birth date.

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